Learn How to Bet, Not Just Who to Bet



NumberBet is built on the same value proposition that has made NumberBall so successful — a talented team of experts delivering next-level analysis on the contests that matter to you while giving you the tools and education to make our trusted process your own.
Algorithms & Models

No betting site would be competitive without powerful models and intelligent algorithms to lead users to success. We use in-house solutions to find and exploit edges and pass them on to our subscribers. 

Sport Specific Tools

Each sport is approached with its own unique plan, and tools help to pave the way towards owning each sport. Our tools are created with the user in mind to explain away the complicated information and leave just the answers.

Actionable Content

We do our best to approach problems in the betting realm with real world answers. We aim to provide answers in such a way that you will always know how to apply them, instead of wondering if what we give is applicable at all. 

True Transparency

We maintain and update a track record for every sport including all the content we have provided so users and subscribers have a true understanding of our success. We won’t just tell people we are the best, we will show them!